Advantages of cooperation with ManpowerGroup

  • A highly experienced team of specialists and lawyers specializing in labor safety as well as in issues of labor law;
  • Successful passing of all inspections by the State Labor Inspectorate;
  • Optimized service packages at fixed prices;
  • Availability of accreditation of Ministry of Labor for the provision of labor and health safety services;
  • The constant presence of a contact person assigned to the project.

We help you

To increase your economic efficiency indicators:

  • To increase employees’ productivity;
  • To reduce losses from accidents;
  • To reduce payments for benefits and compensation;
  • To reduce costs for retraining;
  • To reimburse the funds from the Social Insurance Fund.

To minimize risks of:

  • fines;
  • suspension of the organization's activities;
  • disqualification of managers;
  • the criminal liability of directors

To increase indicators of social efficiency:

  • to reduce jobs with poor working conditions;
  • to reduce the number of work-related injuries;
  • to increase the efficiency of working time;
  • to improve the health culture among employees by organizing the Health Week

You should take into account that in 2015 administrative penalties for violations in the field of labor safety have been significantly increased and have reached now a multi-million sizes, including penalties for lack of special assessment of working conditions, lack of medical examinations, as well as lack of documentation and training on labor safety and health.



We are at LLC Vertu Russia value the legal, outstaffing and recruitment services supplied to us by Manpower CIS. We were highly involved in working with lawyers-consultants, who specialize in the field of labor law. Manpower legal team helped us effectively resolve a number of issues, successfully represented our interests in court and showed professional work with tireless efforts. With no doubts we will recommend Manpower as effective legal service provider, especially in labor law issues. We have found the services provided by Manpower CIS since 2012 both timely and precise as well as matching our requirements. We believe that the highest standards of Manpower Services are a direct result of Manpower professional approach to solving various issues including a full compliance with the legislation of Russia Federation, Safety regulations, profound validated skill assessments, training for their employees etc. We have used Manpower’s Services with great success and have no hesitation in recommending such to other companies.

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